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Music Stores

What kind of music do you enjoy playing? Do you need band and orchestra instruments? Do you need instruments repaired? Everybody in the world loves to listen to quality music and they also love to play a variety of musical equipment that provides them with equal joy. Music is an essential part of your life that makes you want to learn how to play various instruments. There are a number of benefits for playing music that uplifts your spirits. Playing music on a regular basis is a great way to enhance your creativity, it helps you develop a great personality, and it is also an effective way to help you express your feelings. If you are a composer, expressing your feelings through the lyrics of a song is very soothing and relieves stress.

If you need to purchase band and orchestra instruments at affordable prices, Richard's Music Inc in Adrian, MI is here to help you. We provide a wide assortment of quality musical equipment and accessories from top brands at our music store. When you shop from Richard's Music Inc, there is no hassle, which is a great benefit to our valuable customers.

There are millions of people that play music professionally and also as a hobby. When it comes to finding your favorite music equipment, you can easily shop from one of the most reputable music stores online. Even if you aren’t near the Adrian area, you can still enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience by shopping at our online music store. Shopping is easy and convenient at Richard's Music. When you shop at our music store, you will come across a wide selection of music equipment that suits your needs, along with discounted prices. Shopping has never been easier when you simply find all the supplies you need from the comfort of your home. If you would like to learn more about our music inventory, feel free to browse through our website online at

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