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Guitar Store

Are you in a band that's looking for a local guitar store in Ann Arbor, MI, with great prices on important items? A reputable store online that has a history of selling great equipment and accessories at affordable prices is always sought after by customers. It's what everyone wants. Luckily for you, we offer exactly what you need and that includes incredible guitars for sale. We have acoustic and electric, brand new and used. Stop by and check out our inventory for yourself. We have no doubt we'll have an amazing guitar that suits your needs.

If you are thinking about purchasing a guitar for your band, or need other equipment, do not hesitate to check out Richard's Music Inc. Richard's Music Inc takes great pleasure in making your musical experience easy and accessible. We pride ourselves on being affordable and well within your budget. Our guitar store has a great selection of musical equipment and excellent professional service. If you have not been satisfied with the services from other musical instrument websites, Richard's Music Inc will not disappoint. We guarantee you the highest quality equipment and products that are designed for lifetime usage. Whether you're practicing or performing, we got what you need right here. 

The talented professionals at Richard's Music Inc in Ann Arbor are ready to serve you with all the essentials at our guitar store. Our main goal is to make certain our customers are satisfied with our selection and will continue to shop from our store. Check out our array of musical equipment by visiting our website today at

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